We, members of the Yacoby family, acquaintances and admirers of the artist, invite you to join us in preserving the wondrous work of the unique artist Ruth Dorrit Yacoby, to make it accessible to the general public, in Israel and around the world and to fulfill her loving, healing, unifying quest “to deliver the Message of Life.”
Our vision, based on that which she bequeathed us, is to establish and operate 'The House on the Mountain' Center of the Arts as a cultural and educational venture and international tourist destination, that seeks to promote hope, healing, empowerment and unity – within the nation, between nations and between mankind and its environment. The cornerstone of the Center was laid while Yacoby was still alive, at a ceremony attended by the late Mr. Shimon Peres. At the heart of the Center will be the installation that Yacoby created in Arad, at The Woman of the Thousand Voices art center, through which she sought to give voice to the cry of mothers and the silent voices that cry out in pain against all wars and gratuitous hatred in our world, and call not for revenge, but for comfort, reconciliation, and hope. The installation offers a multi-sensory empowering and healing journey, from “the Land of the Dead,” through “the Living Heart,” to “the Forest of Life.” It will feature changing exhibitions of the works of Yacoby and of other artists from Israel and around the world.
We invite everyone who has been touched by her vision and work (a glimpse of which has been provided here) to contact us and join our list of friends, so that you may receive updates on important events and milestones in our journey, and take part in it. The first of these will be a solo exhibition of works, which is due to open at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art in March 2021, co-curated by Dr. Aya Lurie and Hadas Kedar.
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The Family

The Vision - The House on the Mountain

Located in southern Israel, between the Negev and the Judean deserts
on the road to the Dead Sea
House on the Mountain will be a tabernacle of life
A unique, powerful venue hotbed for interdisciplinary creation connecting and combining all the arts
a place of rebirth and renovation
offering a platform for original, deeply-rooted
local as well as universal creation.
The House will demarcate a territory outside time and place
Its existence will be made possible by the void around it
a lighthouse
a hidden spring of solace, hope
and faith in life and joie de vivre
the ultimate locus of silence, truth, and alert contemplation
offering both inspiration and a livelihood
it will set out to transform the margins into a center
a lodestone and a focal point for art, introspection, bonding, and growth
a pilgrimage spot for local and worldwide visitors
a beating heart
in the midst of the wilderness.

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